Our culture is simple

Here at True Clarity, you'll love the atmosphere; we believe in bright, happy surroundings that allow us to work hard and socialise too! We have a company football team for all abilities, monthly nights out (on us) and our fab summer and Christmas parties.

We even look after your health with daily free fruit deliveries to pep up your vitamin C levels and of course, there's coffee and biscuits too.

Take a further look below and you'll see why culture is at the heart of everything we do.

We’ll give you options

A career at True Clarity gives you options. You’ll contribute to projects right from the start, moving at your own pace, whether that’s in a tech, team leading, or business facing direction. Just let us know what gets you going in the mornings.

We’re social

Socialising has always been important at True Clarity. We have monthly get-togethers, a Christmas party, and regular summer boat trips. You’ll even find room to socialise in the office, with Xbox and pool table areas ready and waiting.

We’re thinking long term

It’s the work that will keep you excited in the long term. You’ll be able to see your impact on customers develop over time, and our customer relationships tend to be measured in years not months. If you want to work with a different customer every day, don’t come here.

We’re technical

Above all, True Clarity is a technical company. Everyone thrives on complex development challenges so things will be technical right from the start. The standard of code is high, so expect to learn a lot from everyone here.

We're a lean company

We don’t have layers and layers of management and our structure is based on proven track records of outstanding delivery. We love working in teams, and where possible each team has only one or two customers to work with.